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For those in Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, and Arlington Heights, Illinois, and their surrounding suburbs who require long-term care or reside in an assisted living facility, having access to a trusted physician is extremely important. Senior citizens and patients with complex medical issues have a distinct set of medical needs, which is why Advantage Healthcare Specialists provides individualized care to patients regardless of their ability to come in for office visits. If you or a loved one requires medical care while in an assisted living or long-term care facility, sit down with a provider at Advantage Healthcare Specialists to discuss how they can help. You can book your visit online or call the office to speak with a member of the administrative staff.

Long Term Care and Assisted Living Q & A

Isn’t medical care provided in assisted living facilities?

When it comes to assisted living or long-term care facilities, there’s a great deal of variation in the services available. Some facilities offer in-house medical teams who handle the bulk of patient care needs.

Far more often, however, the medical staff in these settings are there to address emergency care needs and to provide a level of oversight for the nursing staff. Having your own physician is a critical part of living in any type of facility.

What specific medical needs can a doctor provide in assisted living?

Assisted living patients are approached in much the same way as any other patients. Each visit begins with a basic examination before discussing your specific health needs and concerns.

From that point forward, the visit focuses on providing the appropriate diagnostic and treatment services. For example, if you or your loved one is suffering from arthritis, your doctor works to find lifestyle modifications that can help. Suggestions might include participation in yoga, tai chi classes, or other group exercises available at the facility.

Your doctor might also identify areas where functional improvements can be made, such as incorporating a walker or cane into daily movements or even changing the layout of the room to make it easier to perform self-care tasks.

Are family members welcome during assisted living or long-term care appointments?

Family participation in these visits is always welcomed. No one understands your needs better than loved ones, and having family members present can often lead to improved outcomes for residents.

Some patients experience cognitive or memory decline as they age, which can make it hard to remember instructions and advice. Having a loved one there can help ensure that your healthcare needs are properly communicated to the assisted care staff, increasing the chances that you receive the best care possible.  

While abuse and mistreatment in assisted living facilities is relatively rare, it can and does occur. Having a trusted personal physician and family members involved lets the staff know that your loved one is being looked after and that any signs of trouble are likely to be noted and acted upon.

To discuss how long-term care or assisted living services can help you or a loved one live a more healthful, fulfilling life, book an appointment at Advantage Healthcare Specialists today. Schedule online or over the phone.